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A selection of sculptures that I have made over the past 30 plus years.
These sculptures are inspired by the abstract concepts and ideas.
Primal Point - The primal point is the beginning of all things. Raidiating lines eminate from the center, the unknowable.

The Bab declares: "I am the Primal Point from which have been generated all created things."

“A point becomes a line as it shifts away from being a point; a line becomes a surface as it shifts away from its being a line; a surface
becomes a body as it shifts away from its being a surface…”. Giordano Bruno

“(…) we know that the line borders with the point and that there is nothing that could be smaller. Thence the point is the first principle
for geometry, and that there is no such thing in Nature or on the human mind that should be the principle of the point. (…) The point is
the first principle of the science of painting; it is followed by the line, the surface and the body which is wrapped by the surface”.
Leonardo DaVinci

“A singularity or point represents the fundamental condition of the science related to its being unknowable (…) Some cosmologists
believe that the universe came from a pure singularity. If this is true, a singularity would be a gate between the natural and the
supernatural.” physicist Paul Davis

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