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Stone & Bronze Sculpture by Daniel Cline  

Since 1985, Daniel has created 1000's of beautiful, one of a kind stone sculptures for clients who desire unique stone art in their lives.

Daniel Cline has gained a reputation as a multi-talented sculptor, noted for his ability to transform a wide variety of stone into sculptures of unique form  and spirit. His sculptural works have progressed from tabletop creations to monumental sculpture for public spaces.  Recent sculptures have explored the figure, mythology,  abstract , wildlife forms and a variety of stones from local and imported marbles to alabaster and granite.

Recently, the sculptor has begun to produce a series of limited editon bronze sculpture to complement his original works in stone.
Since his youth, Daniel has made clay sculptures for ideas that could not be executed in stone. Now, with the knowledge and ablity to produce bronze sculpture many of these clay works will be cast in bronze. See the most recent bronze works here.

Daniels sculptures are widely collected and eagerly sought by patrons who appreciate the quality,originality and diversity of his work.
The artist's works are in private, corporate and public collections worldwide.

In a world filled with the mass produced, the original stands out.

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