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                      Daniel Cline - Sculptor

I have worked as a professional stone sculptor since 1985.
Gaining a reputation as a multi-talented stone sculptor,
noted for my ability to transform a wide variety of stone
into original sculptures of unique grace and spirit. My
sculptural interests have progressed from small
tabletop creations of beauty to powerful creations of
monumental public sculpture. In 1999, I was
commissioned to create my first public stone sculpture.

Recent commissions have explored images of spirituality,
mythology, abstract, figurative and wildlife forms and a
variety of stones from local and imported marbles to
sandstone, alabaster and granite.

I work in stone because I feel a deep affinity to the
material and its connection to the earth and time.
I respect its enduring qualities, textures and strengths
while exploring its ability to be transformed and shaped
into endless forms.  

My work is based on discovering that which is unknown
or unseen in the stone and bringing it into the world of
the visible. My latest work reflects the nature of reality
through metaphor and symbol. Exploring that which is
universal, mysterious and challenging and sharing the

The main focus of my current work is to create powerful
thought provoking stone sculptures for the public sphere.

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